Motivation and Aims


Ocean sustainability is one of the major challenges facing socio-economic development and welfare of the World's population. The present technologic capacity and know-how allows mankind to extract an unprecedented value form the ocean, leading at the same time to marine environment degradation and to conflicts of use. Tackling these challenges, in order to deliver the highest possible quality of life and explore blue growth opportunities, and at the same time protecting the functioning of marine ecosystems, requires building knowledge and innovation bases to address high-level problems: marine hazards, climate change, resources exploitation, ecosystem health, ecosystem-based maritime spatial planning, and technological progress.


Accordingly, the aim of the joint PhD programme Do*Mar is to train and prepare the best professionals and researchers in the field of Ocean Science, Technology and Management in their diverse economic and social applications, and promote cutting-edge research with international impact, in order to provide the sea-economy with the most effective tools to improve competitiveness at a global scale.