Self monitoring


Self-monitoring of Do*Mar takes place at four main levels: i) individual progress of the candidate, ii) feedback provided by current students, iii) feedback provided by former students through the Alumni Association and iv) long-term quality assurance programme.


A Thesis Committee is appointed for each candidate, before whom the candidate has to defend the research project at the end of the first semester. From then on, annual progress reports have to be submitted to the committee, who will evaluate how the Personal Career Development Plan is being fulfilled and provide the appropriate feedback.


Annual questionnaires completed by each student will provide feedback to staff on the organization of the training and research, as well as on the communication tools. Former students will also be asked about progress in their professional careers and to complete questionnaires about the value of the training they received.


An Alumni Association will be formed, including students from all levels, which may provide feedback on the quality of the programme. Invitation of former students to participate in provision of careers advice, based on their experiences, will also be considered.


The External Advisory Committee is informed on a regular basis on the activities, outputs and achievements of the doctoral programme and advises the Executive and Academic Committees of the Do*Mar programme on the appropriate management options. Items under evaluation are: i) activities for student recruitment developed by the programme, ii) progress of each cohort in terms of submission and fulfilment of students Personal Career Development Plans, iii) academic curriculum of the programme, iv) curriculum of the supervisors/professors/researcher involved in the courses, v) curriculum of the thesis supervisors, vi) workshops, career days and other personal skills training activities, vi) results of the annual questionnaires completed by the students, vii) papers published by the students before the thesis defence; viii) recommendations issued by the Advisory Committee of the Campus do Mar; ix) any other indicators that the External Advisory Committee deems relevant.