Selection and ranking criteria


Candidates have to submit an application to the Do*Mar PhD Programme. The evaluation and selection of the candidates will follow the principles of objectivity, fairness, equal opportunity, merit and ability. The aim is to evaluate the proven and the potential academic excellence of the candidates, and will be made in two steps.


1st step

The first step will evaluate the students' academic qualifications, experience, motivation and research objectives based on documental information supplied with the application. The following criteria will be analysed:

i) Curriculum vitae of the candidate, with consideration of the candidate' previous studies and grades, research experience and professional activities;

ii) Letters of endorsement from previous professors, supervisors or employers;

iii) Motivation letter, considering its quality and clarity;

iv) Short description of the research project, including title, objectives, justification, home and host institutions and supervisors (which have to subscribe the short project description); evaluation will consider its intellectual and scientific merit based on quality, clarity, originality and innovation.


2nd step

From the evaluation step above a short list of the best-ranked candidates will be selected for an interview. The number of candidates to be interviewed will depend on the candidates' relative merit and on a numerus clausus pre-defined by the Academic Committee. The interview will evaluate the maturity, motivation, availability to carry out an international research project, ability to communicate and intellectual merit of the candidate.


The Academic Committee will post rules of admission and registration for each academic year. Densification criteria and scale for each of the above components will be published with the calls. The obligation to include the potential supervisors during the submission phase ensures that these will be actively engaged in the proposal and can offer the necessary hosting conditions. In the case of academic degrees obtained outside Portugal the panel will adopt accepted systems of conversion of academic degrees and grades (e. g. the ERASMUS system). The minimum criteria indicated in the section Admission Criteria will be applied.