Students have to spend a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 months in a foreign university or research centre of the consortium. The Home (the Portuguese university where the student has enrolled) and the Host (the non-Portuguese university or research centre that hosts the student during the 6-24 months stay) institutions, as well as the supervisors at each of the institutions, will be proposed by the candidate during the application and formalized with the approval of the research plan by the Thesis Committee, following the presentation by the student. The stay of each student at the Host will be regulated by a specific agreement. Short stays at other international research centres above the mandatory mobility period will also be fostered whenever advisable to complement the research and training. Funds to support students’ stays at foreign institutions are provided by the granting programmes (more).


Videoconference facilities are available at all the partners and will de frequently used for course teaching, presentations before the Theses Committees and other meetings, in order no avoid unnecessary displacements.