Curricular structure


Do*Mar is 3-year programme, totalizing 180 ECTS credits. Do*Mar provides a problem-driven research environment on cutting edge aspects of marine sciences, and is tailored to the academic and career goals of each student. The curricular structure includes mandatory training on advanced topics, transferable and interpersonal skills, and publication in international indexed journals, as well as optional training from the academic offer of the partners.

During the 1st semester the students take most of the courses and prepare the research plan. The next 5 semesters are dedicated to the thesis project and to writing papers, although a minority of the courses and other training actions (max 6 credits) may be taken during the 2nd and 3rd semesters. The training offered by Do*Mar includes Advanced Courses (AC, 4 credits each), Transversal Courses (TC, 1 credit each), Complementary Training (CT, 4 credits), Thesis Preparation and Planning (TPP, 4 credits), Interpersonal Skills Course (IS, 8 credits), Science Communication (SC, 8 credits) and the Thesis (146 credits). To obtain the PhD degree a minimum of 14 credits from the entire set of training courses (a minimum of 8 credits in ACs, plus any number of ACs, TSCs or CT), 4 credits from TPP, 4 credits form IS and 8 credits from SCP are required.

The aim of the ACs is to provide students with top-level training in a set of themes that supplement the PhD programme. TCs aim to introduce students to methodologies and tools of a transversal nature (e. g. Scientific Writing, Experimental Design and Data Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Mathematical Modelling, Omics Data Analysis), to be further developed during the thesis research. CT covers attendance of other courses from the academic curricula of the partner universities deemed necessary to complement each student skills for the development of the research. IS accounts for workplace competences, networking and communication skills, such as stays at foreign laboratories, participation in oceanographic cruises, attendance of workshops or conferences, presentation of communications in international events. TPP consists in the research plan defence at the end of the 1st semester, and the presentation of research progress at the end of the 3rd and 5th semesters, before the Thesis Committee. SC consists in the successful submission of a research paper to an international JCI journal, and is considered a key skill to be achieved.

The oficial language of Do*Mar is English. Advanced and Transversal Courses are taught from the university of the respective coordinator, and are transmitted by videoconference to the remaining campi.


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