Criteria for supervision of Ph D studies


Each Do*Mar student is assigned a main supervisor and a co-supervisor by the Academic Committee. The supervisors have to subscribe the Short Project Description that is submitted with the application (see Selection and Ranking Criteria). The supervisors are professors or researchers of one of the universities or research institutes of the consortium. They have at least six years of recent scientific activity in the area, experience as Principal Investigators of funded R&D&I projects, a very good record of publication in international peer-reviewed journals, and experience in post-graduate supervision as indicated by the number of PhDs successfully supervised. In assigning the supervisors, the Academic Committee will pay special attention to the capacity of the main supervisor to provide appropriate financial resources and infrastructural support to the student's research plan.


Young fellows that fulfil the criterion of having a very good record of publication in international peer-reviewed journals and are simultaneously actively engaged in research projects are encouraged to enrol in supervision, regardless of their experience in post-graduate supervision. In these cases the younger fellows will be teamed-up with senior staff with wide post-graduate supervision experience.