Admission criteria


Candidates of any nationality may apply, provided they comply to the Regulations for Research Grants of the Foundation for Science and Technology (


Do*Mar will also welcome applicants with degrees outside the natural sciences, especially those wishing to enrol in the branches of Integrated Management of the Sea and of Technological Progress, Engineering, and Business Management. As a general rule, the three following prerequisites for admission in the Do*Mar PhD programme must be met:


i) An MSc degree with a minimum of 120 ECTS credits; or a minimum higher education training of 300 ECTS credits including at least 120 ECTS credits at the level of a University MSc;

ii) A minimum admission grade of 14/20 or equivalent for the BSc or undergraduate degree, and of 16/20 or equivalent for the MSc;

ii) A recent proof of proficiency in the English language.


Exceptionally, candidates with lower grades than those required in ii) above may also be selected, provided they demonstrate, during the selection interview, the motivation and maturity necessary to develop an international research project (see Selection and Ranking Criteria). Candidates may also require admission based on an academic, scientific or professional curriculum recognized by the Academic Committee as adequate for the accomplishment of the Do*Mar training programme.